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Shipping from the UK to Croatia

Shipping to the region of Southern Europe and to one of the most important countries in the Balkans– Croatia, requires:

  • Logistical capabilities
  • Right connections and postage partners

By combining our connections with the experience and capabilities of large postage and courier businesses, we can provide the cheapest and the quickest methods for international deliveries to Croatia from the UK on our website. Besides having low-cost transport fees, we also use eco-friendly transport as much as possible in order to reduce fuel costs and increase postage efficiency.

Croatia has a few regulations that every person importing should know about:

  • Having Croatian writings on the labels (next to English ones) is very welcomed and appreciated by the customs officers.

The list below is a list of prohibited and not permitted in any way for personal import

  • Blue, dry or wet ice.
  • Gases.
  • Diskettes
  • Personal effects
  • Magnetized materials
  • Tobacco

This list however, can be supplemented any time, so before sending something that might cross your mind as “maybe restricted” – contact us or Croatian embassy to get the accurate knowledge and right expertise regarding the parcel.

After touching down in Croatia, shipments can be inspected by officers, because the UK is not a part of the Schengen area, but is a member of the European Union. Hold-ups in customs are kept down to a minimum and parcels almost certainly won’t be opened pre-delivery, if nothing seems suspicious or alarming. Only rarely packages from the United Kingdom get opened by Croatian customs, for example if you are sending a computer box with the label “Socks” on the package, then opening might be necessary, but if such large mishaps are not in place, nothing will bedevil the delivery times.

Parcelabc would like to ask you to be honest with the parcel’s labels. Counterfeits are also denied entry if they possess retail tags and, or signs that they could be resold on purpose in Croatia to make profits.

Once the package clears Croatian customs, the courier company that you chose in your quote will continue handling your parcel. They are going to manage it until the delivery is done. Parcelabc takes pride in giving the customer abilities to choose and to determine the best way to get deliveries in Croatia. Shipping from the United Kingdom to Croatia is made simple and safe by Parcelabc. Follow these steps to get the best possible result:

  1. Fill in the quote
  2. Select from the options
  3. Schedule a pick-up
  4. Wait for the delivery
  5. Enjoy!

If you are looking for someone to get your parcel from the United Kingdom over to Croatia, Parcelabc is the go-to service provider in this field. We offer:

  • uncompromised quality
  • rapid responses
  • client-oriented service
  • fair prices

all of this, with the freedom of choice, always available customer service and much much more.